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Frank Bright - Magician, Mentalist, And Really Neat Guy

Regardless of the type of event your hosting, a magic show will help you level it up and add a unique touch that will keep guests talking about it for a long time. Check out our services below and reach out at 801 709 1322 or to book Frank for your next event today!

Corporate & College Events

You're planning your next holiday party, c-level retreat, alumni festival, homecoming extravaganza, etc. and you want to add some unique entertainment. Frank can provide you with a show that is guaranteed to keep your guests talking long after the event is over. He'll include effects that are customized to match your event and can offer additional services such as emceeing, walk around magic, and more. Since he customizes his services to support and add value to your event it's best to call him and discuss your exact needs and budget. He can be reached by call or text at 801-709-1322 or through email at

Birthday PartIES

Add a unique touch of magic to your child's next birthday with a 30-45 minute magic show! If you really want to kick it up a notch (and make the clean up easier on you) Frank will host your party at his magic shop! Finally, be sure to ask Frank about the option to end the show with the birthday guest suspended in mid-air!


  • $200 - Standard Birthday - This package includes a 30-45 minute magic show. This show is perfect for all ages and includes effects even the adults will enjoy! Finally, your child has the opportunity to be the magician for the final routine!
  • $250 - Ultimate Birthday - With this package you get the 30-45 minute standard magic show, plus your child will be suspended in midair! This is a perfect photo op for a memory that your child will remember forever!
  • $300 - Standard Hosted Birthday - Let Frank host your party for you at The Sunflower Magic Shop and Theater in Parowan, UT. You'll get 2 hours at the shop and theater that includes board games, activities, some one on one magic tricks and Frank will even teach the birthday guests some tricks, and more! When you're ready we'll head into the theater for a 30-45 minute magic show. The only thing you'll need to bring is the food (and the birthday kid of course). When the show is over, you just need to get the kids home and head on out. We'll handle the cleanup. This show is for 10-20 guests
  • $350 - Ultimate Hosted Birthday - This is THE best party you can get. Get your party hosted and taken care of for you. Get games and activities for the kids. Get a 30-45 minute magic show. Have your child suspended in midair. And if all that isn't enough, your birthday child gets their very own magic kit to take home! This package cannot be beat.

Private Events

Magic isn't just for kids. Add some unique entertainment to your next event with a show that is family friendly, full of laughs, and guaranteed to entertain adults and children alike. These shows are perfect for adult birthday parties, family reunions, graduations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more!


  • $500 - The Show This package includes a 45-60 minute magic show. Perfect for parties and private events of all kinds, this show is made up of classic magic effects, acts of mind reading, and much much more. Audience involvement and enjoyment guaranteed!
  • $700 - The Hosted Show Have your event hosted at The Sunflower Magic Shop and Theater in Parowan, UT! You and up to 30 of your guests can come and enjoy your event without all the hassle of hosting it at your own location. You bring the food and guests, we bring the magic and after show clean up! After you've mingled for a bit, end the night with a magic show that's guaranteed to leave you and your guests wanting more.


Add some fun and entertainment to your next class with a 30-45 minute magic show! Or if you want to make the day extra special take a field trip to The Sunflower Magic Shop & Theater!


  • $300 - Standard Show - This package includes a 30-45 minute magic show. This show is perfect for all ages and includes effects even the adults will enjoy!
  • $350 - The Field Trip - Instead of me bringing the magic to you, bring your class to the magic! This package includes a 45-60 minute magic presentation for up to 20 kids, where Frank performs classic acts of magic and teaches the kids how to do a trick of their own! It's a blast for everyone involved.


Frank Bright is a magician in Southern Utah, who performs for events of all kinds, including corporate and college events, family reunions, kids birthday parties, and more.


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